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Urban Paintball Edinburgh

Welcome to Urban Paintball Edinburgh, Scotland's first indoor Paintball arena. We are open for Paintball games 7 days a week, until 10PM (last entry 7:45PM)!

Whatever the weather, Urban Paintball Edinburgh is the first choice for Paintball games in Scotland - with no minimum group size, our revolutionary 'Turn up and Play' system' makes it easy and hassle free to book a Paintball game.

All players aged 11 and over are welcome to enjoy fast, furious, and above all safe Paintballing, using state of the art safety gear and paintball equipment.

We are the ultimate Paintballing experience in Edinburgh, and are ideally located only 5 minutes from Princes street, easily accessible by bus / car / taxi.

For more information on how Urban Paintball Edinburgh can provide the ultimate day out, stag party, or Paintball tournament, please Contact Us.

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Customer Reviews

“Really cared, and very professional”
Ten of us went after work one evening. We'd been kinda put off paintball as we'd been to other venues which didn't seem to care, or the staff weren't approachable, but Urban Paintball was the complete opposite. They were very professional and friendly, which is really nice in an aggressive environment as it can be a little intimidating for newcomers. Most importantly though was that they really seemed to care. After every game they worked to help de-mist our visors and every game I had perfect visibility. I've been at outdoor places where they couldn't care less and the whole day was ruined because nobody could see anything for the whole game, but Urban Paintball was brilliant. Also indoors was way more fun than outdoors as you're over a smaller space and are therefore more strategic about how you use the area. Anybody considering paintball for the first time should definitely try here, and anybody put off paintball after going outside will find Urban Paintball just what they need to enjoy it again.

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