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Paintball Equipment

Urban Paintball Edinburgh equipment

Urban Paintball Edinburgh prides itself on using quality paintball equipment. Thermal lenses are used in all of our paintball masks, these thermal lenses are the most expensive but most reliable option to avoid steaming up during games. Our marshals are on-hand at all times to assist you with any fogging issues and have a variety of tips and tricks to eliminate fogging while playing your paintball missions. Urban paintball Edinburgh commissioned a custom neoprene neck protector which allows breath-ability and protection without restricting the players movement. Markers are industry standard tippmann 98 platinum semi automatic which will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. All of our markers run on compressed air, the most reliable and preferred propellant, unaffected by temperature and causing less damage to all equipment. Full insurance is included as standard with health and safety procedures pre-approved by Edinburgh City Council. All of this basic paintball equipment is included in the entry price and a wide variety of upgrades and extras can be purchased to make your missions even more fun! See our prices section for more information on upgrades available HERE